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VersaBucket LLC is proud to share that we have been a part of the SC&RA for 5 years.

Since our creation, we knew it would be important to create a network within the heavy transport and oil and gas industries and to connect with some of the top companies in these sectors. How better to do that than by being a member of the SC&RA?

We appreciate this recognition by the SC&RA and are proud to say we are members!

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Please help us in Congratulating our April 2021 Employee of the Month, Jonathon B! JB was chosen by his coworkers to accept this award.

When we asked him what his favorite part of the job was, JB said he likes working with his team and meeting new people on each project.

Want to learn more about JB? We asked him a couple of questions:

How did you learn about bucket trucks?
I used to run cable and saw Versabucket moving a load one time while working
on cable.

What’s something unique about you?
I complete the job given, no matter how challenging, my work ethic doesn’t
let me quit and I continue to help others until the job is complete as well.

We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to the VersaBucket team!

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Please help us in Congratulating our February 2021 Employee of the Month, Ryan D!

We asked Ryan a few questions about his experience with VersaBucket LLC and would like to share his answers below:

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“The different daily activities and the different materials being shipped.”

What’s something unique about you?

“I am outgoing and positive and try to motivate those around me.”

Like a lot of our team members, Ryan learned about bucket trucks from friends and acquaintances that work in the industry.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your dedication. We are happy to have you as part of the VersaBucket family!


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It’s Throwback Thursday!

Moving across country means knowing the state laws and requirements for several different states and localities.

When you choose VersaBucket LLC to escort your oversized load across country, rest assured that we will clear your path and follow all state and local guidelines while doing so.

Our experienced crews know the importance of safety precautions and professionalism and will help guide you safely on.

Call 832-777-3001 to book your transport management and bucket truck escorts today!


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Congratulations to B. McClendon, our first Employee of the Month for 2021!

We wanted to share a little more about the man behind the award, so we asked him a few questions about his life and experience in the industry.

Check out his answers below!

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“Every load is different no matter the size, and there is always a new challenge to tackle.”

How did you learn about Bucket Trucks?

“A friend had worked with them before, and he recommended that I check out the industry.”

What’s something unique about you?

“I have a very coachable mindset, and I wake up every day wanting to learn something new no matter what it may be!”

We appreciate his hard work and dedication and are happy to have him as part of our VersaBucket LLC. family!


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Can you guess how many night-time escorts VersaBucket LLC completed in 2020?

Sometimes traveling at night is the best decision, but we know it can be challenging and may require extra precaution.

We promise to perform at our absolute BEST to make sure your road is clear and all overhead obstacles are removed from your path at any time of the day.

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zane c
jeremy k

Please help us in congratulating our Employees of the Month!

Jeremy K. and Zane C. were chosen by their coworkers to be November and December’s VersaBucket LLC employees of the month!

They will be presented with certificates and gift cards in appreciation of their hard work and efforts to keep our company rolling strong. We appreciate their willingness to be team players and commend them for this accomplishment.

Thank you for being a part of the VersaBucket family!


When traveling across country, there are extra precautions to take into consideration while moving an oversized load. Different parts of the country offer unique terrains, traffic laws and OTR challenges.

5J Trucking Oilfield Services gave us a call in November to help them get a 16’6” tall Skid transported from Arkansas to Indiana. We were happy to send over a truck and crew to lead them on this 580 mile journey.

The piece was delivered safely and successfully to its destination.

VersaBucket is happy to escort ALL unique loads!

Client: 5J

Load Dims: 16’6” tall

Origin: Paragould, AR

Destination: Ashley, IN

Commodity: Skid

Trucks: 1