News | VersaBucket, LLC.- Part 2


Earlier this week, we helped clear the way for Supor to transport this 17’6” tall transformer from Houston to Orla, TX. In the video attached, you can see our crews making sure the load fits safely under some power lines crossing the road.

The project was safely executed and the piece was delivered successfully to its destination.

Thanks Supor for trusting VersaBucket to safely escort your oversized transport!

Load Dims: 17’6” tall

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: Orla, TX

Commodity: Transformer

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.09.16 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.09.51 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.10.42 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.10.58 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.11.27 AM

Often times OTR heavy haul loads aren’t only traveling by land during their journey. A perfect example is this HP Fuel Gas Mixing Drum transported by Hansa Meyer that we provided bucket escorts for during September.

This piece weighed in at an impressive 1,036,000 pounds and stood 24’2” tall and 30’ wide. We sent over 5 bucket trucks with crews to help clear the way over 13 days and 310 miles of travel from McGregor to Bloomington, TX.

The piece was successfully delivered in Bloomington and will be barged the rest of the way to Cameron, LA, its final destination.

Thanks Hansa Meyer for trusting VersaBucket to safely escort your oversized transport!

Buckets Sent: 5

Load Dims: 24’2” tall 30’ wide, 1,036,000 lbs

Origin: McGregor, TX

Destination: Cameron, LA
Days of Travel: 13

Commodity: HP Fuel Gas Mixing Drum


Our team is fully equipped with a fleet of 16 well outfitted bucket trucks and crews to match. We will take on your high loads, wide loads and any other extraordinary loads and get you safely through any obstacles on your route!

When Northwest Logistics gave us a call to escort these (2) Sulfur Reactors in August, we were happy to help! The reactors each stood around 20’ tall, and we traveled with them clearing their route from Oklahoma City, OK to Port Arthur, TX.

Even though there was a little delay on delivery due to Hurricane Laura, these reactors were delivered safely and securely to Port Arthur early September.

Commodity: 2 Sulfur Reactors

Total # Buckets: 5

Load Heights: 20’0 & 20’1

Origin: Oklahoma City, OK

Destination: Port Arthur, TX

Bradford, Jonathan EOM SEPT20
Stewart, Chris EOM Aug20

Please help us in congratulating our Employees of the Month for August and September 2020!

Chris S. and Jonathan B. were chosen by their coworkers to be VersaBucket’s next employees of the month. Their hard work and dedication are what keeps VersaBucket running strong and doing well on every project!

We are very happy to have them as part of the VersaBucket family!

Thanks for being a valuable part of the team!



Wind Energy has been a recently popular source of renewable energy that does not generate waste or contaminate water. An average onshore wind turbine can produce roughly 6 million kWh per year according to the EWEA.

Over the last couple of months, Lonestar Transportation had us escort this 275’ long and 16’6” tall windmill blade from Brownsville to Zapata, TX. We sent over a truck and crew to get this load routed safely and kept it clear from any external obstacles.

Thanks to Lonestar for giving us a call!

Commodity: Windmill Blade

Load Dimensions: 16’6” tall, 275’ long

Origin: Brownsville, TX

Destination: Zapata, TX

COntrol Box 2
control box 3
control box 4

To all of our colleagues in the Beaumont and Lake Charles areas effected by Hurricane Laura, we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Please reach out if there is anything we can help you with, and we will make all efforts to accommodate you.

A few weeks ago, Deep South contacted us to escort (4) control buildings for them from Houston to Texas City. VersaBucket, LLC sent over (3) bucket trucks with crews to escort (2) buildings on Monday and the remaining (2) on Wednesday. The buildings were all between 17’11” and 19’3” tall.

Thanks Deep South Crane & Rigging for giving us a call and trusting us to get you safely to your destination!

Origin: Houston

Destination: TX City

Commodity: (4) Control Buildings

Crew: 3 Buckets, 2 days

Heights: 17’11″/18’0″/19’2″/19’3″

Berard Aug 20
Berard Aug 20 #2

Escorting high loads and making sure they get delivered safely is our specialty. We have several highly trained technicians who are skilled at clearing the way for your over dimensional load and guiding it through back roads, city streets and busy highways.

When Berard’s Houston branch gave us a call a few weeks ago, we were happy to escort their vessel transport and help them deliver it safely.

Thanks for trusting us with your extraordinary transport!

Origin: Sealy

Destination: Pasadena

Commodity: 21’6” Vessel

Crew: 4 buckets, 2 days


Last week, we received a call from Security Specialized Transportation to escort this 18’6” Cooler from Mounds, OK to Houston, TX. We sent over 1 truck and crew to safely lead the Cooler through city streets and highways to its destination.

Overall, the transport went smoothly and took about 5 days to complete.

Thanks to Security Specialized for giving us a call!

  • Origin: Mounds, OK
  • Destination: Houston, TX
  • Commodity: 18’6” Cooler
  • Crew: 1 Bucket, 5 Days


We may be based out of Houston, but we love to help our neighboring states get their transports escorted safely as well!

This past month we got a call from @Berard out of New Iberia, LA. They were transporting a 20’6” tall Settler D-9300 from the Port of Houston to Baytown and asked for our assistance.

We sent over 4 escort trucks and crews to help get their load safely transported to its destination. The vessel was guided through city streets and highways without incident!

We were happy to answer the call!

Origin: Port of Houston

Destination: Baytown

Commodity: 20’6” Settler D-9300

Crew: 4 Bucket Trucks


Please help us in congratulating our Employee of the Month!

Joe M. was chosen by his coworkers to be VersaBucket’s June 2020 employee of the month. His hard work and leadership on projects both local and out of town is what keeps us going strong as a company!

We are very happy to have him as part of our VersaBucket family. Thanks Joe for your dedication and loyalty!