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Heavy Haul Transport projects require a lot of planning ahead of time to ensure smooth execution.

Earlier this month, Berard called VersaBucket to clear the local Houston roads for their transport of a 20’7” Crate containing a Compressor Skid.

Besides our trusted bucket truck escort services, there were several other support services onsite including police escorts and a boom truck.

We appreciate getting this call and are ready to service all of your heavy haul escorting needs!


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When multiple loads are included in a transport, things can get complicated quickly.

Not with VersaBucket on board!

Our trained professionals are prepared to handle moves with multiple pieces and keep your road clear day and night.

The recent moves we completed with Deep South in Texas are a perfect example of this. Multiple module skids were moved throughout the project, with heights ranging from 18’ to 22’+.

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Throwback Thursday has arrived!

Back in 2017, VersaBucket was 2 years into its Bucket Truck Escort journey and loving every minute of it.

The picture below shows a Fan Transport load that we escorted locally in Houston for Morris Heavy Haul.

Call us for your bucket truck escort and route survey needs!




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precision convection module 2020

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Moving across country means knowing the state laws and requirements for several different states and localities.

When you choose VersaBucket LLC to escort your oversized load across country, rest assured that we will clear your path and follow all state and local guidelines while doing so.

Our experienced crews know the importance of safety precautions and professionalism and will help guide you safely on.

Call 832-777-3001 to book your transport management and bucket truck escorts today!


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Can you guess how many night-time escorts VersaBucket LLC completed in 2020?

Sometimes traveling at night is the best decision, but we know it can be challenging and may require extra precaution.

We promise to perform at our absolute BEST to make sure your road is clear and all overhead obstacles are removed from your path at any time of the day.

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Houston is our home base, and we are very familiar with the local regulations and safety measures needed to transport a load through the city.

This past month VersaBucket helped escort an oversized load locally in Houston, TX.

Palletized Trucking transported a 17’7″ Vessel and asked for our help to deliver it safely.

Thanks Palletized for letting us join this project and provide heavy haul bucket truck escorts for your transport.

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Client: Palletized Trucking

Buckets: 1 Truck

Area: Local Houston, TX

Commodity: Vessel

Height: 17’7”

Travel: 1 Day

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VersaBucket LLC is well equipped to move your transport safely in any continental US state!

When Mammoet USA South was moving these (3) Vessels locally in Illinois, we were happy to take the call.

The vessels, standing 33’ tall and weighing in at 1,800 tons made the 2 day journey to their destination safely with our crews leading the way.

Thanks Mammoet for thinking of Versabucket for this move!

Mammoet USA

2 Buckets, 3 Loads, 2 days

Near Hartford, IL

33’ Tall, 1800 Ton Vessels


We are ready to start the year off strong!

Rolling into 2021, VersaBucket helped guide these 4 Control Buildings transported by J Supor Transport locally in Louisiana.

Our 7 bucket truck escorts and crews traveled 3 days with Supor to ensure a safe and successful delivery.

Client: Supor
Buckets: 7
Loads: 4
Location: Louisiana (Gulf South)
Commodity: Control Buildings
Travel: 3 days