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Moving high loads through cities and across state lines presents its own set of obstacles.

VersaBucket LLC is here to help your downtown transport move smoothly through city streets and safely across state lines to its destination.

This past month, J&B Heavy Haul contacted us to escort this 18’6” Transformer from Laredo, TX to Fort Smith, AR.

Client: J&B Heavy Haul

Buckets: 1

Origin: Laredo, TX

Destination: Fort Smith, AR

Commodity: Transformer

Height: 18’6”


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We are always up for a challenge!

During the month of November, VersaBucket was called to help Mammoet USA South by escorting several high loads locally in Houston, TX. The pieces ranged in height from 24’1” to 29’9”.

While escorting these loads, we also made sure to clear out tree branches overhanging the road along the route, detach multiple communication wires, and disassemble and detach 2 span wire traffic signals so the load could travel safely along its path without interruption.

Client: Mammoet USA South, Inc.

Load Dims: Ranging 24’1” to 29’9”

Origin: Local Houston, TX

Duration: 14 Days

Commodity: Gas Cooling Structures, HT Shift Reactor

# Buckets: 5 Trucks & Crews


When traveling across country, there are extra precautions to take into consideration while moving an oversized load. Different parts of the country offer unique terrains, traffic laws and OTR challenges.

5J Trucking Oilfield Services gave us a call in November to help them get a 16’6” tall Skid transported from Arkansas to Indiana. We were happy to send over a truck and crew to lead them on this 580 mile journey.

The piece was delivered safely and successfully to its destination.

VersaBucket is happy to escort ALL unique loads!

Client: 5J

Load Dims: 16’6” tall

Origin: Paragould, AR

Destination: Ashley, IN

Commodity: Skid

Trucks: 1

Palletized Reel OCT20

When Palletized Trucking needed to move this 20’ tall Reel locally in Houston, they knew VersaBucket LLC would be ready to tackle the project!

Our truck and crew helped clear the way for their transport through Houston streets, and helped Palletized successfully deliver the piece to its destination.

Thanks for calling VersaBucket LLC to handle your oversized transport escort needs!

Client: Palletized Trucking

Load Dims: 20’ Tall

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: Houston, TX

Commodity: Reel

Trucks: 1


Not every oversized load is moved under the perfect conditions, but a little fog can’t bring us down!

This past week Triton began their journey transporting a 17’10” Screener from Houston to Canada and needed our assistance through Texas. Our 2 VersaBucket crews made sure they were safely escorted through the state.

We wish them a safe and uneventful journey through to Fort McMurray!

Load Dims: 17’10”

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: Fort McMurray, Canada

Commodity: Screener

# Buckets: 2 Trucks


As oversize loads travel across the country, there are plenty of roadway obstructions that can affect their route.

This Transformer moved by Deep South is no exception. Moving from Houston to San Ignacio, TX, there are plenty of opportunities for low hanging lines, traffic signals, roadway signs and countless other barriers to get in their way.

VersaBucket makes sure that these obstructions are taken care of professionally, and keeps your transport rolling on smoothly.

Thanks Deep South for trusting us to clear your route!


Load Dims: 19’11” Tall

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: San Ignacio, TX

Commodity: Transformer

# Buckets: 2 Trucks

Days of Travel: 4 Days


When Berard needed some control buildings transported locally this past week, they knew VersaBucket was the right company for the job!

Our crews made sure to clear all overhead road obstructions and guide these buildings safely to the Port of Beaumont, helping Berard successfully complete their transport.

Thanks Berard for giving VersaBucket the call!

Load Dims: 18’5” Tall

Origin: Beaumont, TX

Destination: Port of Beaumont

Commodity: Control Buildings


Earlier this week, we helped clear the way for Supor to transport this 17’6” tall transformer from Houston to Orla, TX. In the video attached, you can see our crews making sure the load fits safely under some power lines crossing the road.

The project was safely executed and the piece was delivered successfully to its destination.

Thanks Supor for trusting VersaBucket to safely escort your oversized transport!

Load Dims: 17’6” tall

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: Orla, TX

Commodity: Transformer

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.09.16 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.09.51 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.10.42 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.10.58 AM
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.11.27 AM

Often times OTR heavy haul loads aren’t only traveling by land during their journey. A perfect example is this HP Fuel Gas Mixing Drum transported by Hansa Meyer that we provided bucket escorts for during September.

This piece weighed in at an impressive 1,036,000 pounds and stood 24’2” tall and 30’ wide. We sent over 5 bucket trucks with crews to help clear the way over 13 days and 310 miles of travel from McGregor to Bloomington, TX.

The piece was successfully delivered in Bloomington and will be barged the rest of the way to Cameron, LA, its final destination.

Thanks Hansa Meyer for trusting VersaBucket to safely escort your oversized transport!

Buckets Sent: 5

Load Dims: 24’2” tall 30’ wide, 1,036,000 lbs

Origin: McGregor, TX

Destination: Cameron, LA
Days of Travel: 13

Commodity: HP Fuel Gas Mixing Drum


Our team is fully equipped with a fleet of 16 well outfitted bucket trucks and crews to match. We will take on your high loads, wide loads and any other extraordinary loads and get you safely through any obstacles on your route!

When Northwest Logistics gave us a call to escort these (2) Sulfur Reactors in August, we were happy to help! The reactors each stood around 20’ tall, and we traveled with them clearing their route from Oklahoma City, OK to Port Arthur, TX.

Even though there was a little delay on delivery due to Hurricane Laura, these reactors were delivered safely and securely to Port Arthur early September.

Commodity: 2 Sulfur Reactors

Total # Buckets: 5

Load Heights: 20’0 & 20’1

Origin: Oklahoma City, OK

Destination: Port Arthur, TX