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We love to see the US through the windows of a bucket truck!

Precision Specialized contacted us last month to escort this 16’2” agitator from the US/Canada line starting in New York all the way down to George Town, South Carolina. We had 10 days of travel with the load and everything went smoothly during the trip.

Thanks for giving VersaBucket, LLC a call!


Earlier this month, Deep South Crane & Rigging needed to get two 18’3” tall loads of vessels transported from Houston to Texas City, TX. We sent over 3 bucket trucks and our pickup fitted with a height stick to help lead these loads safely through Houston traffic.

Due to TXDOT’s “load only” restriction on TX 146, we also helped officers block the southbound lanes of traffic while Deep South transported the load over the Fred Hartman Bridge. The load was safely delivered to its destination.


How can you tell a dedicated employee?

Ours lay on the ground to get the best pictures of the project!

Lonestar Transportation called on Versabucket to move this 20’ 2” tall Master Skid from Corpus Christi to Ingleside, TX over the course of one day. We sent one truck over to help with this move. It may not be painted a pretty green, but this is the workhorse on our fleet!



FEB2020 Barnhart 2
FEB2020 Barnhart 3
FEB2020 Barnhart 4
FEB2020 Barnhart 5
FEB2020 Barnhart 6
FEB2020 Barnhart 7
FEB2020 Barnhart

Ready for Round 2!

Last year in November, Barnhart had us send over some bucket trucks to help escort 2 control buildings. In the past couple of weeks, we helped them to complete Round 2 of this project.

For the second round of this project, Versabucket sent over 4 trucks moving from Houston to Nederland, TX on a 2-day journey. We helped guide these two 18’10” high control buildings safely under any obstacles on the way, including span wire traffic signals.

Versabucket’s crews are trained in properly lifting and handling span wire traffic signals according to TXDOT’s Beaumont District regulations. In some of these pictures, you can see our crews utilizing this training.

Bay3 Jan20
Bay Jan20
Bay2 Jan20
Bay4 Jan20
Bay5 Jan20

Name that load: What was Bay Ltd hauling through Texas in January?

To start off 2020, Bay Ltd gave us a call to help get this module transported from Corpus Christi to Mont Belvieu, TX. VersaBucket sent over 3 escort trucks and crews to maneuver this piece through traffic signals and power lines on the 3 day journey.

The module was delivered by Bay Ltd safely and without incident. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help!


We are not bound by state borders!

In the middle of December, Mammoet invited us to help them transport another vessel from their yard in Rosharon, TX to its destination in New Mexico. VersaBucket was able to send over 6 of our bucket trucks to guide this 19’3” tall vessel on the 10 – day journey across state lines. The job went smoothly and the vessel was delivered successfully to its destination.

Thanks Mammoet for giving us a call to assist!

DeepSouthDec19 Rain3
DeepSouthDec19 Rain

Come rain or shine, we will guide you through!

Even on dreary days, vessels need to be moved. This one was a 22’2” tall vessel hauled by @Deep South from Cypress to Mt Belvieu. With extra precaution because of the weather and a little help from 4 VersaBucket trucks and police escorts, Deep South got this vessel safely to its destination.

2019-12-03 15.09.10
Berard DEC19

What’s our specialty? Extraordinary Transports!

This past week, VersaBucket sent 2 trucks over to Louisiana to escort a 21’10” reactor hauled by Berard. The 3 day journey was completed safely and the piece was delivered successfully to its destination.

Thanks Berard for giving us a call to assist!

JSupor 2
JSupor 2019

Where is your favorite place to work?

At VersaBucket, we love working outside in the beautiful weather! Late November we had the opportunity to help Supor Heavy Haul transport a 20’3” transformer locally in Houston.

We sent 2 of our bucket trucks to clear the way and safely helped them reach their destination.

Thanks Supor Heavy Haul for giving us a call to assist with this transport!


Late last month, Versa Bucket assisted Deep South Crane & Rigging with the night transport of (2) 27’8” vessels headed from Cedar Bayou to Mont Belvieu, TX. Crews labored over a 2 night span to get these vessels safely to their destination.

We got to show our strengths on this transport, as it required the removal of span wire traffic signals, and we also had to swing 2 mast arms. We sent over (4) bucket trucks to support this move, along with police escorts and (2) boom trucks.

Thanks to Deep South for giving us the call to assist!