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We don’t always have the luxury of great weather, but we couldn’t have asked for clearer skies on this job!

HBrown contacted us recently to escort their 16’10” tall transformer through Texas. With the help of everyone involved, the transport was completed safely and successfully!


We love getting to escort all different kinds of extraordinary pieces, all over the United States!

A few weeks ago, T.J. Potter Trucking gave us a call to escort their 19’6” tall cooler from the Catoosa, OK to Dickinson, ND. We sent 2 trucks with crews to get this piece safely transported, clearing overhead lines and lifting traffic signals out of their way. The cooler was transported successfully to its destination.


Did you know that Natural Gas is lighter than air?

This past month, Northwest Logistics gave us a call to escort their transport of a 19’3” tall Amine Contactor from Houston to Lamesa, TX. VersaBucket, LLC sent over 5 trucks to clear the way for this load, which rolled over a span of 5 days.

This load was delivered safely and successfully to its destination.

Thanks Northwest Logistics for giving us a call!


Did you know that 1 out of every 7 jobs in the US is transportation related?

In March, Deep South Crane & Rigging gave us a call to help them get a 24’8” tall DA 201 Combination Tower transported from Beaumont to Port Arthur, TX overnight.

VersaBucket provided 4 trucks with crews to clear the way for this Tower. This oversized load was safely and expertly maneuvered through streets and highways, and ultimately delivered successfully to its destination.

Thanks Deep South for giving us a call!

northwest logistics 2 MAR20
northwest logistics 1 MAR20

“Adversity is the mother of progress.” Mahatma Gandhi

Even though the industry and world are experiencing adversity today, we are still getting things done. This past month, we supported Northwest Logistics by clearing their path from Broken Arrow, OK to Big Spring, TX.

The 2.5 day journey required 1 truck to escort this 17’11” tall Cooler safely to its destination.

We are still here to support your highloads and bucket escort needs!


Among the many extraordinary and oversize loads we’ve escorted, it seems that #vessels are most commonly moved.

Supor contacted VersaBucket last month to help get a 17’3” tall vessel escorted from Franklin, LA to Yorktown, TX. We sent over 3 trucks to provide a clear path for this load.

Thanks to Supor for giving us a call and letting us handle your bucket truck needs!


At VersaBucket, employees understand that when escorting an oversized load, communication and teamwork are key!

During the end of February and into March, our crews safely escorted (5) loads of 22’6” tall propane tanks over a span of 6 days for Bay Ltd locally in Corpus Christi, TX.

VersaBucket provided (5) bucket trucks with crews and (1) boom truck for this project. Thanks to Bay Ltd. for relying on us to clear their way safely!


We love to see the US through the windows of a bucket truck!

Precision Specialized contacted us last month to escort this 16’2” agitator from the US/Canada line starting in New York all the way down to George Town, South Carolina. We had 10 days of travel with the load and everything went smoothly during the trip.

Thanks for giving VersaBucket, LLC a call!


Earlier this month, Deep South Crane & Rigging needed to get two 18’3” tall loads of vessels transported from Houston to Texas City, TX. We sent over 3 bucket trucks and our pickup fitted with a height stick to help lead these loads safely through Houston traffic.

Due to TXDOT’s “load only” restriction on TX 146, we also helped officers block the southbound lanes of traffic while Deep South transported the load over the Fred Hartman Bridge. The load was safely delivered to its destination.


How can you tell a dedicated employee?

Ours lay on the ground to get the best pictures of the project!

Lonestar Transportation called on Versabucket to move this 20’ 2” tall Master Skid from Corpus Christi to Ingleside, TX over the course of one day. We sent one truck over to help with this move. It may not be painted a pretty green, but this is the workhorse on our fleet!



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