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Wind Energy has been a recently popular source of renewable energy that does not generate waste or contaminate water. An average onshore wind turbine can produce roughly 6 million kWh per year according to the EWEA.

Over the last couple of months, Lonestar Transportation had us escort this 275’ long and 16’6” tall windmill blade from Brownsville to Zapata, TX. We sent over a truck and crew to get this load routed safely and kept it clear from any external obstacles.

Thanks to Lonestar for giving us a call!

Commodity: Windmill Blade

Load Dimensions: 16’6” tall, 275’ long

Origin: Brownsville, TX

Destination: Zapata, TX

COntrol Box 2
control box 3
control box 4

To all of our colleagues in the Beaumont and Lake Charles areas effected by Hurricane Laura, we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Please reach out if there is anything we can help you with, and we will make all efforts to accommodate you.

A few weeks ago, Deep South contacted us to escort (4) control buildings for them from Houston to Texas City. VersaBucket, LLC sent over (3) bucket trucks with crews to escort (2) buildings on Monday and the remaining (2) on Wednesday. The buildings were all between 17’11” and 19’3” tall.

Thanks Deep South Crane & Rigging for giving us a call and trusting us to get you safely to your destination!

Origin: Houston

Destination: TX City

Commodity: (4) Control Buildings

Crew: 3 Buckets, 2 days

Heights: 17’11″/18’0″/19’2″/19’3″

Berard Aug 20
Berard Aug 20 #2

Escorting high loads and making sure they get delivered safely is our specialty. We have several highly trained technicians who are skilled at clearing the way for your over dimensional load and guiding it through back roads, city streets and busy highways.

When Berard’s Houston branch gave us a call a few weeks ago, we were happy to escort their vessel transport and help them deliver it safely.

Thanks for trusting us with your extraordinary transport!

Origin: Sealy

Destination: Pasadena

Commodity: 21’6” Vessel

Crew: 4 buckets, 2 days


Last week, we received a call from Security Specialized Transportation to escort this 18’6” Cooler from Mounds, OK to Houston, TX. We sent over 1 truck and crew to safely lead the Cooler through city streets and highways to its destination.

Overall, the transport went smoothly and took about 5 days to complete.

Thanks to Security Specialized for giving us a call!

  • Origin: Mounds, OK
  • Destination: Houston, TX
  • Commodity: 18’6” Cooler
  • Crew: 1 Bucket, 5 Days

2 july 20
3 july 20
4 july 20
july 20

VersaBucket is in it for the long haul – literally!

This past month we escorted two Compressors being transported by Northwest Logistics from Sweetgrass, Montana all the way down to Houston. We sent 4 buckets on this journey and had another 2 buckets join when the load neared its destination.

The compressors were 21’10” tall and we navigated them safely through highways, back roads and city streets without incident, delivering them successfully to their destination.

Thanks Northwest for giving us the call!


Are you limited to local transports? This is a question we are asked a lot. The answer? No, VersaBucket LLC services the entire Continental USA!

This vessel load transported by Barnhart is a prime example. We took this 19’9” tall silver bullet from Houston, TX all the way to Sparks, NV! Four of our crews traveled with this load to clear the way safely from state to state, assisting with a safe and successful delivery to Nevada.

Thanks Barnhart for giving us a call!


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Every transport we escort gets our full attention and care from the time we arrive onsite until the project is complete.

This past week, we were contacted by Supor to clear the route for this 18’6” tall Control Building from Houston to Vidor, TX. We sent over 2 bucket trucks to get this piece moved safely through back roads and city streets. The building was delivered successfully in 1 day of travel.

Thanks to Supor for giving us a call and trusting us to get their load safely to its destination!


It’s true that Versabucket services the entire continental United States, but supporting the local industry will always be close to our hearts!

This past week, we sent over 4 trucks to clear a path for 2 vessels moved by Deep South Crane and Rigging locally in Texas City. The vessels stood 24’10” and 22’ tall, and both were safely and successfully delivered to their destination.

Thanks Deep South Crane & Rigging for giving us a call!


We all know the importance of keeping cool during hot summer months in Texas!

But do we often consider that keeping cool is important to refineries and petrochemical plants as well? The production by these plants create a massive amount of heat during processing and have to have a way to cool down to keep serious problems from occurring.

This past month, we answered a call from Northwest Logistics to escort one of these Coolers from Broken Arrow, OK to Garden City, TX. The piece was 18’10” tall and together we moved it safely from one state to the other.

Thanks Northwest Logistics for giving us a call!