VersaBucket LLC is proud to share that we have been a part of the SC&RA for 5 years.

Since our creation, we knew it would be important to create a network within the heavy transport and oil and gas industries and to connect with some of the top companies in these sectors. How better to do that than by being a member of the SC&RA?

We appreciate this recognition by the SC&RA and are proud to say we are members!

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Please help us in Congratulating our April 2021 Employee of the Month, Jonathon B! JB was chosen by his coworkers to accept this award.

When we asked him what his favorite part of the job was, JB said he likes working with his team and meeting new people on each project.

Want to learn more about JB? We asked him a couple of questions:

How did you learn about bucket trucks?
I used to run cable and saw Versabucket moving a load one time while working
on cable.

What’s something unique about you?
I complete the job given, no matter how challenging, my work ethic doesn’t
let me quit and I continue to help others until the job is complete as well.

We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to the VersaBucket team!

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Heavy Haul Transport projects require a lot of planning ahead of time to ensure smooth execution.

Earlier this month, Berard called VersaBucket to clear the local Houston roads for their transport of a 20’7” Crate containing a Compressor Skid.

Besides our trusted bucket truck escort services, there were several other support services onsite including police escorts and a boom truck.

We appreciate getting this call and are ready to service all of your heavy haul escorting needs!


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When multiple loads are included in a transport, things can get complicated quickly.

Not with VersaBucket on board!

Our trained professionals are prepared to handle moves with multiple pieces and keep your road clear day and night.

The recent moves we completed with Deep South in Texas are a perfect example of this. Multiple module skids were moved throughout the project, with heights ranging from 18’ to 22’+.

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Please help us in Congratulating our February 2021 Employee of the Month, Ryan D!

We asked Ryan a few questions about his experience with VersaBucket LLC and would like to share his answers below:

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“The different daily activities and the different materials being shipped.”

What’s something unique about you?

“I am outgoing and positive and try to motivate those around me.”

Like a lot of our team members, Ryan learned about bucket trucks from friends and acquaintances that work in the industry.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your dedication. We are happy to have you as part of the VersaBucket family!


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Throwback Thursday has arrived!

Back in 2017, VersaBucket was 2 years into its Bucket Truck Escort journey and loving every minute of it.

The picture below shows a Fan Transport load that we escorted locally in Houston for Morris Heavy Haul.

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