VersaBucket LLC Reel Escort

December 3, 2020 1NewsProjects

When Palletized Trucking needed to move this 20’ tall Reel locally in Houston, they knew VersaBucket LLC would be ready to tackle the project!

Our truck and crew helped clear the way for their transport through Houston streets, and helped Palletized successfully deliver the piece to its destination.

Thanks for calling VersaBucket LLC to handle your oversized transport escort needs!

Client: Palletized Trucking

Load Dims: 20’ Tall

Origin: Houston, TX

Destination: Houston, TX

Commodity: Reel

Trucks: 1

One comment

  • Robert Bennett

    December 21, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    Yall just ran with me from minden louisiana to norco louisiana. 17’ 10” permitted height and 20’ 11” width. Hundred feet long and it was the easiest trip ive made in years! I been doin this for 32 years and yall have 4 youngmen id like to recognize and thank. Jackson sherer, justin garret,jerry mullins, and Robert williams. I was told that jesse alanis was yalls boss? I will tell you at my dimensions averaging 30 to 35 mph entire trip, 443 loaded miles. I fell asleep driving like i normally do but them kids were all terrific! They busted ass and i never stopped rolling. Made a 3 day trip into 2 days im just grateful for the hard work and needed to recognize all yall for a outstanding job! Thanks again gentleman from a grateful driver!

    Robert Bennett
    Supor heavy haul!


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